Incorporating Natural Elements into your Home Design

Incorporating Natural Elements into your Home Design

A popular trend in home design today is the incorporation of living walls and the introduction of plant life to everyday living spaces. If you’re not familiar, a living wall is wall space which is entirely covered by live plants; these can be herbs, vines or even flowering plants. The kitchen and bathroom are particularly good candidates to host plant life, as they’re accessible to water, easy to clean and are generally well sunlit spaces.

As you choose your appliances and surfaces, visualize how you may use that space to transform your ordinary kitchen or bathroom into an indoor garden. We’ve put together a few ideas for you; the designs you’ll see below provide ample space to place your garden, while leaving plenty of usable space.

In our designs, we chose Quartz Master’s Costello surfaces. We chose the Costello for a few reasons. Quartz is hard and durable, as well as easy to clean. We also like the neutral and clean appearance of Costello. It closely resembles an earth tone, while still bearing a crisp, fresh appearance.

A modern take on a natural bathroom

Quartz Master – Costello

Reminiscent of a claw foot tub, this freestanding bathtub gives the bathroom a modern look. Placing your plants at the window will ensure that they’ll have sunlight throughout the day, and that water will be accessible to you when you care for them.

As you explore options for wallcoverings and window treatments, include a natural color palette which will give your bathroom an earthy feel. We chose staggered shades in a color which complements the Quartz Master Costello flooring, but bamboo shades would suit the room nicely as well. Consider a textured wallcovering to add a focal point to the bathroom.

A sleek bathroom design with natural touches

Quartz Master – Costello

Don’t limit yourself to using countertops or floor space to incorporate plant life into your living space. You can easily construct a living wall by purchasing manufactured vertical planters, or by growing trailing plants along lattice installed several inches from your wall.

Again, we loved the earthy feel that the Costello design invoked, and chose the quartz for our flooring. Wood accents surrounding the tub and on the shelving coupled with strategically placed florals create an open yet sophisticated look for this bathroom.

A contemporary kitchen with a hint of nature

Quartz Master – Costello

We love the look of this kitchen. We used Quartz Master’s Costello design for our floors and countertops, and chose to contrast our white cabinets with dark, sleek hardware. To avoid creating an institutional look, we softened the room by installing fabric window treatments. These Roman shades allow for adjustment of light; your plants will enjoy the sunshine while you’re away, but as you use the space, you can quickly tailor the lighting to suit your needs.

We used small planters to create a contemporary herb garden. Everything you’ll need as you prepare to entertain your guests will be right at your fingertips. Consider spotlights for a dramatic lighting effect, or recessed lighting as an alternative to traditional overhead fixtures.

Merging plants with modern design is simple, and can add a dramatic focal point to your bathroom or your kitchen. Choosing a subtle quartz surface like Costello will lend a natural feel to your space, and will allow you to conveniently care for your plants, giving you a unique design that you’ll enjoy with little maintenance.

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