Quartz Master’s Calacutta Italia Offers Endless Design Inspiration

Quartz Master’s Calacutta Italia Offers Endless Design Inspiration

Quartz Master stays on the cutting-edge of quartz design by constantly pushing the boundaries and delivering innovative designs. Each palette designed offers high-performance and sophisticated design options for both homeowners and design professionals..

Quartz Master’s Calacutta Italia is the newest addition to the Marble Collection. A clean, white base with the elegance of marbling makes Calacutta Italia easy to incorporate into your kitchen or bathroom design. But white doesn’t have to be boring. Consider these breathtaking design options for your next project.

Minimalistic Bathroom with Spacious Storage

Calacutta Italia – QM9708

Calacutta Italia’s neutral white base, infused with rich gray veins, lends a minimalistic appeal to this bathroom design. When set against this design’s gray walls and sinks, your quartz countertops will stand out. Consider using chrome fixtures for a dramatic touch. Add a splash of color to the room by placing a live plant, or hanging brightly colored sheer curtains.

Playful Bathroom with Pops of Color
Calacutta Italia – QM9708

Calacutta Italia quartz surfacing is used in this design to create a counter space, back splash and shower wall. Blue and green accents are used in a contrasting color scheme and work well to complement the rich quartz countertop. Playful flooring pulls the room together, giving this space a whimsical feel . Although this countertop resembles the intrinsic beauty of marble, it’s actually made with from the newest quartz addition to Quartz Master’s Marble Collection.

Modern Kitchen with Living Elements

Calacutta Italia – QM9708

Quartz Master’s Calacutta Italia gives this kitchen an ultra-modern feel. The quartz countertop descends down into naturally finished, hardwood floors. In this design, Calacutta Italia is used for counter tops and to create an expansive backsplash behind the sink area. Flat-panel cabinets and an accenting glass panel add light and utility to the room, while a living wall creates an outdoor feel.

Calacutta Italia is modern, but at the same time classic and elegant. Incorporating the design into your new home or your remodel allows for exciting possibilities. And with a lifetime warranty, you can feel confident that your design will last.

Calacutta Italia is just one design from the highly-sought after from Quartz Master Marble Collection.They have a gorgeous array of quartz surfacing that can be utilized for bathroom vanities, bath walls, back splashes and even furniture. All their products are guaranteed to stand the test of time and backed by a lifetime warranty.

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