Your Home’s Bathroom is a Canvas to Showcase Your Style

Your Home’s Bathroom is a Canvas to Showcase Your Style

When you designed your home, how much thought did you give your bathroom? Utilitarian by nature, bathrooms are often overlooked as a canvas for modern and colorful design. But, by choosing the right materials, your bathroom can be as inviting as the rest of your home.

To create these looks, we used Quartz Master’s Lincoln Gold, a new design available from their Marble Collection. The design itself offers a classic feel, with its crisp white base and contrasting veining.. Marble is a timeless design choice, so should you choose to change your bathroom’s appearance in the future, there will be no need to replace your countertops.

A clean bathroom with a pop of color

Quartz Master – Lincoln Gold

This bathroom look was created by contrasting a deep tomato red with the polished quartz countertops. Pristine white fixtures give the space a modern feel, while the colorful walls add warmth to the room. We chose to incorporate texture into the walls for variety, using both a tiled and a textured surface. You can accessorize however you like; we chose to use chrome accessories for an updated look, but earth tones and wood would also work well in this design.

Add a natural element to a contemporary bathroom

Quartz Master – Lincoln Gold

The design of this bathroom incorporates both sleek and versatile quartz with the rustic look of wood grain. Browns and bronze tones contrast with the white vessel sink, and accentuate the veins of the Lincoln Gold surfaces. Consider hanging light fixtures, or recessed lighting to highlight textured walls, or soft accents to complement the natural feel of the wood.

Timeless style with marbleized quartz

Quartz Master – Lincoln Gold

You can choose to use as much color as you like in your bathroom design. But a popular trend is to use very little at all. The Quartz Master Lincoln Gold surfaces in this bathroom serve as the focal point for the design. The marbling is accentuated by polished chrome accents for the quartz backsplashes, while a contrasting bronze tile is used for the walls away from the bath area. A skylight was installed to add light to the room, and the wall length mirror leaves the room feeling spacious and clean.

Designing a bathroom doesn’t have to be an afterthought. Explore versatile options for your countertops and floors, and have fun with color and hardware choices. Your bathroom can be an exciting space to play with color and texture.

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