Colorful Quartz Creates Bright and Bold Kitchen Designs

Colorful Quartz Creates Bright and Bold Kitchen Designs

Designing the perfect kitchen can be fun when you take a few risks with color. While you can’t go wrong with classic traditional wood tones, a dash of vibrant color adds both dimension and personality to the kitchen. So, if you want to stray from the conventional, consider one of these color combinations made with the intrinsic beauty of quartz.

Rustic Mediterranean Getaway

Ancient Path – QM4000

Creating an open, spacious feel is a great way to create the right atmosphere for entertaining both family and friends. Start with dark, wood floors to give an illusion of antiquity. Draw attention to the expansive counter top area with Quartz Master’s Ancient Path from their Sound Series. Complement with plum colored tiles for backsplash and deep beige cabinets to complete the look And remember that paint can always be tinted to coordinate with your counters, cabinets and flooring. Build your design’s aesthetic foundation, and choose your paint last.

Splash of Sea Blue

South Beach White – QM9709

Mediterranean waves transcend into the backsplash of this kitchen space as you peer across a sea of white cabinetry and counterspace. Use Quartz Master’s South Beach White quartz from their Marble Collection for the countertops then match with clean white cabinets to bring this design together. Compliment the look by choosing grained wood flooring to emulate the beauty of nature.

Iconic Red

Calcutta Miel – QM9295

Used correctly, bold red is a timeless shade for the kitchen. Increase the visual impact of your kitchen by using Quartz Master’s Calacutta Miel from their Marble Collection. To create a beautiful counter space, match with vibrantly red cabinets. Select chrome hardware for your cabinets to accent the dramatic feel of the red color scheme. Since the upper cabinets are on the bolder side, neutralize the look with brighter countertops and lower cabinetry.

Green with Envy

Alpine Grey – QM8009

The color green can add a spark of life to the kitchen and help bring the space alive. For an ultra-modern feel use a shade of gray such as Alpine or Beach Grey from Quartz Master’s Sound Series Collection for counter spaces then complement with lime green cabinetry and a matching backsplash. Choose white or off-white appliances and tile flooring to capture this inviting kitchen look.

Professionals turn to Quartz

All of these kitchen designs use Quartz Master quartz for the countertops, a high-quality material that is quickly becoming a favorite among designers. Quartz is often compared to granite and marble due to its hard, durable and attractive appearance. Unlike granite and marble countertops, quartz doesn’t require the addition of sealants to ensure its luster and longevity.

Another distinguishing characteristic of quartz both marble and granite is its uniformity in color and pattern. Homeowners who are looking for symmetry or who dislike the inconsistent patterning found in granite tend to prefer the look of quartz. Quartz is a man-made material which uses a combination of crushed quartz, resins and pigments. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is heat and scratch-resistant. Durability is crucial to high-traffic spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Quartz Master offers a lifetime warranty on all of their quartz surfacing, when fabricated and installed by a Quartz Master Certified Fabricator/Installer.

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