Quartz Countertops: Your Perfect Dinner Guest

Quartz Countertops: Your Perfect Dinner Guest

When you plan to entertain, what comes to mind? Music for ambience? The perfect bottle of wine? Certainly, each of these is critical to your success as a host. But your dinner plans should reach back even further than that, to the very design of your home.

Entertaining in small kitchens

QM9287 Palazzo Dark

From the largest of kitchens to the smallest, quartz countertops are the perfect addition to your entertainment venue. Quartz is the most durable of surfaces, so you can feel comfortable in knowing that stains and chips to your countertops will be virtually unheard of. And quartz is highly resistant to bacterial contamination, so you will rest assured that you can cook with confidence.

Quartz is ideal for large kitchens

QM9600 Nero Marquina

Not only is quartz durable and resistant to bacteria, it’s also perfectly suited to large kitchens. Quartz Master engineers its quartz surfaces to be bookmatched, ensuring that the untrained eye will see only a beautiful, continuous surface. Quartz does not display the seams that other surfaces do, and there is no need to constantly resurface grout lines. In fact, quartz is an extremely low maintenance material. It’s highly water, heat and scratch resistant, and requires minimal regular maintenance.

Quartz isn’t just for countertops

QM9293 Alaskan White

Because it’s such a durable and low maintenance material, quartz isn’t only for countertops. It’s suitable also for floors, backsplashes and bathrooms; any indoor surface where a beautiful and contemporary design is desired.
Quartz Master quartz is carefully engineered to be the perfect addition to any room where you entertain. And each of their products comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that you’ll enjoy the versatile quality of quartz for years to come.

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