“Gem-ify” Ready Your Home for Summer

“Gem-ify” Ready Your Home for Summer

Summer is approaching. And while you’re excited about entertaining in your backyard space, you can’t help but feel that you’re not yet ready to host guests.

Remember how much time you spent considering how you’d keep your guests cozy throughout the winter? Unfortunately, those rooms are getting stuffy now. But there are a few ways that you can adapt your home for summer.

The good news? These tips are perennial. Making a few small changes now will ensure that your home is a welcoming place throughout the year.

Bored in the Bedroom?

Crystal Quartz

If your bedroom setting is, well, neutral, then try this:

Play with Quartz Master’s Mineral Collection and accessories. You can turn your favorite sleeping space into a summer haven. Feature quartz, the semi-precious stone, on your room’s largest and most prominent wall. And use it as the starting point to refresh your decor.

If your largest surface has a neutral color, such as the light grey and brilliant white Crystal Quartz on this wall, changing the bedroom for summer is simple.

You can play around with different accessories in bright shades to inject a summer feeling into the bedroom. The citrus yellow and soft pink in this young girl’s bedroom creates a sun-kissed effect while the lime green accessories cool it down for summer.

A Summer Retreat – In Your Living Room

Tiger Eye Gold

If the dominant color in your room belongs to the warm color group (oranges, reds, browns and yellows), you don’t necessarily have to bring in a large amount of blues or greens to cool it down. Playing with textures and cool neutrals will add sufficient balance to steer away the heat.

The wall in this bedroom has a warm glow, but the quartz itself is cool and slick to the touch. This creates a cooling effect. The slick surface texture is repeated in the glass vases and clean lines of the furniture.

Pick up on the cool black and charcoal neutrals in this Tiger Eye Gold quartz wall from Quartz Master’s The Mineral Collection. Repeat them in some of the accessories, such as the black-and-white artwork, and a balanced summer room can be created.

A Fresh Summer Bedroom

Black Agate Wild

This Black Agate Wild backdrop lends a variety of colors for summertime play. Although this makes for an incredibly versatile room design, it also means that not many other colors or accessories are needed.

The sea-blue wall already picks up on the fresh blues in the quartz, and it has been balanced with warmer, grey bedding. This means that the space has a general fresh and summery look and feel, while the bedroom remains a place of comfort and relaxation that’s not too cold.

Have you made clever use of either colorful accessories or texture to change the atmosphere in your bedroom? We’d love to hear how you did it – comment below to share your bedroom décor ideas!

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