Small Spaces

Small Spaces

Daring Color is Not Just for Large Rooms

If you’ve browsed through magazines and design websites, you may be familiar with the ways in which bright colors can add personality and pop to a living space. Large accent walls, bright kitchen backsplashes and vibrant bathroom fixtures bring life to a space, and contribute to a feeling of “home.”

But bright colors don’t have to be reserved for large spaces. You may be convinced that bold colors are best left for big rooms in large homes. In fact, just the opposite is true. Lively colors can make a bold addition to the smallest of rooms, and will inject your personality into your living space.

A Small Kitchen That Packs a Punch

QM3005 Silver Star Red

A small kitchen doesn’t have to be boring. Use bright colors to bring a retro feel to your home. This kitchen’s simple, clean and traditional surfaces and its stainless steel appliances only serve to draw your eye to the dramatic tones of the quartz backsplash. Guests will love to see your charisma reflected in the design of your small kitchen.

A Striking Accent Wall

QM9281 Calacutta Borghini

Another example of simplicity with a twist, this kitchen features Quartz Master quartz from the Marble Collection. The cool veins within the quartz backsplash soften the striking blue of the accent wall. Bright, whimsical furnishings add to the fun of the kitchen.

Make Your Bathroom a Bright Spot

Mc0200 Black Agate Wild

Who says your bathroom can’t be fun? Bright colors and this agate-inspired quartz can make even the smallest bathroom an extension of your entertaining space. Consider hanging plants to add a bit of life and depth to the room. And don’t forget about your soft lines. Display towels in matching patterns to further entice your guests.

No Matter the Space, Color Adds Life

QM3007 Universe Blue

It doesn’t matter whether your living space is small or large, you can still make it luxurious. Adding color to your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or other unexpected place can bring your charm and your individuality into your home. You may choose to completely remodel your space, installing flooring and countertops. Or you may simply choose to cover the walls in a bright paint, letting the bold color speak for itself with minimal effort.

Whichever way you choose, don’t be afraid to go bold. Be daring, and express yourself through color.

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