5 Beautiful Marble Look Quartz Designs by Quartz Master

5 Beautiful Marble Look Quartz Designs by Quartz Master

People who love quartz countertops know the value of the human-made materials. This stylish and low maintenance material can be designed to look like almost any type of stone you want including marble. If you admire the look of natural marble but need durable and low maintenance stone like quartz, check out these beautiful marble look quartz designs of Quartz Master.

Venato Gold

The Venato Gold – is made of superior elegance and class. It is a product of the highest technical level and can be used in any architectural context, both wall, and floor.
The beautiful and unique grey veins mimic those found in many types of marble to create very natural looking material that is elegant and inviting. It makes excellent countertops, but it’s often used as backsplashes and kitchen islands, too.

Full Slab View of Venato Gold


Venato Gold on Kitchen Countertops

Calacutta Borghini

QM9281 Calacutta Borghini is an exclusive marble with deep gray veining and occasional taupe/gold highlights. This elegant and sophisticated natural stone is the perfect complement to any design. Bookmatch is available.

Full Slab View of Calacutta Borghini 


Calacutta Borghini on Kitchen Countertops

Statuario Venato

QM9290 Statuario Venato Marble is luscious white marble with grey veins perfect for modern and classic decors. Best uses of this slab marble are for interiors of both residential and commercial properties for projects such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, walls, and floors.


Statuario Venato on Kitchen Countertops

Calacutta Italia

It’s easy to be seduced by the glamorous looks and luxurious finish of polished white marble. QM9708 Calacutta Italia is no exception. The prominent veining and unique design make it one of the most exotic natural marble look quartz. Bookmatch is available.

Full Slab View of Calacutta Italia


Calacutta Italia on Kitchen Countertops

Calacutta Rhino

QM9726 Calacutta Rhino is one of the newest addition to the QM Marble Collection. This beautiful marble look quartz design gives you a feel like a snowy mountaintop. It’s light grey, and taupe veins make it a unique design for countertops, islands, backsplashes, walls or floors.

Calacutta Rhino on Kitchen Countertops 


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