Why You Should Consider Rose Quartz When Remodeling Your Home

Why You Should Consider Rose Quartz When Remodeling Your Home

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Why You Should Consider Rose Quartz When Remodeling Your Home

Quartz is a hard material often used to make kitchen countertops and is an even firmer material than granite. It offers many benefits as kitchen countertops, and come in various colors. One of these shades is a pinkish hue of quartz known as rose quartz. This peach pink quartz is often turned into pieces of jewelry, like necklaces and rings.

However, you can also have them in your kitchen, bath or living room at any time. Here’s why you should consider rose quartz countertops for your home:

1. They’re Durable and Natural

Kitchen Counter and Backsplash- MC0900 Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a natural mineral that doesn’t have to be sealed, unlike granite countertops. They’re also pliable enough to be easily cut upon installation, making them a breeze to install. Rose quartz counters are naturally beautiful to look at, with lines and patterns all formed by binding quartz stones together in a non-porous resin, creating the illusion of gemstones frozen in time.

2. They Create a Soft and Feminine Atmosphere

Wall- MC0900 Rose Quartz

The pinkish hues of rose quartz lend an unmistakably soft and feminine feel to your kitchen, bath or living space and create an atmosphere where you can relax and feel calm. Decorate it with fresh flowers to add to the atmosphere and scent, creating an almost cushion-like space for your heart and mind. All this makes it easier to prepare meals and eat in slow and hospitable area.

3. Cool Surface

MC0900 Rose Quartz

4. Easy Cleaning and Durable

You won’t have to worry about staining at all, as the rose quartz won’t absorb any food spilled onto it. You just have to mop up any spills and both the stain and odor will be gone in an instant. Since it’s stone, you won’t have to worry about it chipping or retaining scratches. Rose quartz is even harder and heavier than granite and is arguably the most durable stone for kitchen countertops.

5. Stand Out From The Crowd

How many people you know have rose quartz countertops? This is your chance to have a kitchen, bath or living that’s different from the rest. Rose quartz can come in two different finishes. Polished and leather finish. So you can sit down with your countertop installers and work out the design of your kitchen to ensure that it reflects your inner interior designer.

Bathroom Wall- MC0900 Rose Quartz

6. It’s Safe and Healthy

Quartz is a type of engineered stone that is non-porous and that means that it doesn’t have any little pores where germs, bacteria or mold can grow, ensuring that all your food preparation is free of germs from the counter’s surface. It’s also free of radioactive elements or any toxic elements, so you can rest easy.

Wall- MC0900 Rose Quartz

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