Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Choosing a Kitchen Countertop Using Quartz

One of the most interesting parts of moving into a brand new home is the fact that you are more than free to add your own personal touch to every inch of every part of the new home. For most women, moving is the perfect opportunity to get the kitchen of your choice; complete with enough cabinets, equipment, utensils and yes, countertops.

Over the years, countertops have moved from being just another part of every house to becoming one of the most south after and pronounced parts of the entire kitchen. A lot of things get done on the countertop, and there is still a large expectation for it to look stunning.

So are you thinking of giving your kitchen a remodeling service anytime soon? Or maybe you’ve got enough cash and you’ll like to build your own home and add the tastes that you feel are right. Whichever option applies to you (or maybe your case isn’t even part of the aforementioned two), any kitchen will definitely benefit from the added flavor of quartz countertops and surfaces. When you make the choice to add quartz as the material for your kitchen countertops, what you are doing is actually choosing a material that is as durable beautiful, and effective as granite and other solid mineral materials, and which will probably cost you considerably less.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

Still a skeptic?

It’s understandable. However, take a look at few reasons why quartz countertops are the best way to go.

Quartz countertops come with many different benefits, including but not limited to the following.

Versatility and Diversity in Color

Quartz is a material that offers a wide array of options when it comes to color and this is most probably the reason why it gets a lot of patronage. For women who love color and creativity even I the kitchen, quartz is simply your best choice.

Countertops that are quartz-based are primarily made from natural stone. However, they also contain a few other extra ingredients most notably binding resin. The quartz mineral is mixed with the resin in order to create a surface that is strong, tough and very durable. Also, quartz is naturally colorless. This means that manufacturers have the freedom to add whatever color they desire through the addition of pigment.

Quartz countertops have been known to provide the highest amount of color variations, due to the fact that manufacturers can add a plethora of pigment shades during the manufacturing process. However, you should also know that a potential downside to this color variation is the fact that the color might fade (although this only happens if the area it is installed is usually exposed to a lot of direct sunlight; which your kitchen probably isn’t)

Before creating quartz countertops, color companies add different pigments, meaning that you have a lot off color ranges to choose from. So if you’re looking for a material like granite but you can’t seem to find the color you wish for to fit into the kitchen you’ll like, then there is a high probability that you’ll get that particular color with a quartz countertop.

Fewer Design Flaws and Imperfections

As regards quartz countertops for kitchens, you’ll realize that there are much fewer imperfections to deal with, especially when compared to other materials.

Take granite for instance.

Granite is a material that is directly removed from the Earth and then cut to form the countertops. This means that there will definitely be certain imperfections along the way. As quartz is a manufactured product, you’ll have to deal with far lesser imperfections. Quartz also produces less waste, so it’s a win on two fronts.

Strength and Durability

As regards durability, quartz is one of the most prominent countertop materials. Choosing a quartz countertop for your kitchen is an awesome choice due to the fact that these countertops have high durability. You are definitely not advised to do this on an intentional basis, but it really isn’t that big of a deal if you slip off your cutting board while holding a knife or place a hot kettle on the countertop. Quartz countertops are capable of holding up resistant to heat and pressure excellently.

Clean and Sanitary

Quartz possesses a non-porous surface, so there isn’t much room to accommodate the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. This advantage of extremely important especially as there is usually E.Coli in most of the foods that are handled in kitchens on a daily basis. If you’re a freak for cleanliness and you’ll like your kitchen to stay as clean and bacteria-free as possible (and who does this case not apply to?), then quartz is the most recommended choice for you.

All these advantages just show why quartz is the most preferred choice for kitchen countertops. If you choose them for their non-porous and bacteria-free surfaces, their impeccable durability, or their stunning appearance, you’ll definitely enjoy having quartz as your countertop material for sure.