Quartz Master to Expand to Every State

Bayonne, New Jersey – Since 2009, Quartz Master has been one of the leading manufacturers of quartz surfaces. The company produces the highest quality, most durable and largest quartz slabs in the industry.

Originally locally distributed in select regions of the United States, Quartz Master surfaces have become in high demand across the country. It is because of this demand that the Quartz Master president and founder, Acher Cohen, has committed to making Quartz Master products available to every state in the United States by 2021.

The Quartz Master product line was first revealed in 2009. Located in Bayonne, New Jersey, the first Quartz Master distribution was to the mid-Atlantic United States. By 2011, the quality quartz surfaces had so increased in popularity that a second warehouse was opened in Dallas, Texas.

In the years which followed, Quartz Master distribution centers began opening in new locations across the United States and Canada. The Boston distribution center was opened in 2012, followed by a location in Maryland in 2013. Subsequently, two California distribution centers were opened.

Quartz Master’s growth accelerated exponentially in 2017, when distribution centers were opened in Florida, Massachusetts, Colorado and Tennessee. These locations were strategically opened to ensure that consumers and designers from diverse geographical areas would have access to Quartz Master products.

But Cohen’s vision doesn’t stop there. From the Florida panhandle to the CN Tower in Toronto, the Quartz Master brand will continue to expand. In 2018, new warehouses will open in Atlanta and Miami, and by 2021, Quartz Master will provide their quartz slabs to every corner of the United States.

Quartz Master is not only working to expand its geographical offerings, but to expand its product lines as well.The company’s most widely sought after products are slabs from the Marble Collection, introduced in 2011. Since that time, Quartz Master has perfected the art of book matching, allowing seamless design in homes across the country. Most recently, in 2017 Quartz Master revealed a bold new design – the Opulenza Collection. Combining the durability of quartz with the opulence of onyx, the Opulenza Collection is the most recent innovation in the Quartz Master line.

To learn more about Quartz Master distribution centers, please visit the Quartz Master directory. New Quartz Master distribution centers will be added to the directory as they are opened.