Share Your Designs with Quartz Master and We will Share it with the World

Quartz Master would love to help support the designers who use our products. With that goal, we’d like to invite you to share pictures of projects you’ve completed using Quartz Master quartz.

Please feel free to share with us any photographs or videos of a bathroom, kitchen or other projects that you’ve completed, and allow us to increase your company’s exposure.

Your photos, along with your business information and social tags will be displayed across our social media platforms and via our email list. Quartz Master has thousands of followers on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and others, and your submission would offer you free publicity to these followers.

If you’d like to send us pictures of your project, you can submit them through the Quartz Master website using this link. Consider writing a few details about your project – we may choose to feature it in our blog the Design Corner!